Competitive Program


Our Competitive Team is composed of individuals who are looking to take their dancing career to the next level. 


Commitment, Dedication & Classes

Our Competitive dancers take approximately 6+ hours a week of classes. Commitment and dedication play a huge role in the Competitive dance world. Our Competitive Team takes multiple forms of dance including Jazz & Ballet. They also take specialized technique classes such as Tumbling, Stretch & Strength and Turns & Jumps!



Family, Fun & Opportunities

Our Competitive Team takes part in many exciting experiences together. Team bonding activities such as a "Lock In," Pot Lucks and a Year End Party, are just a few. They also participate in at least 1 workshop/convention a year and have access to auditions and master classes. They are also active in their community volunteering their time to perform at events such as Ribfest in Tillsonburg. Spending hours a week yearly, and a busy Competitive season supporting, cheering on and helping each other, makes our BAD Team a family! Life long friendships, lots of laughs and happy memories are what our Competitive dance family is built on. 



We believe in fair auditions. Our goal is to produce dancers who are technically trained in all aspects of dance.  Every dancer, whether returning or new are required to audition every year. After auditions, our faculty meets to discuss what we feel each dancer should be offered. Auditions take place yearly, in May/June. There are requirements that need to be met before auditioning, so if you are interested in becoming a member of our BAD Competitive family, please speak with Miss. Brittany or Miss. Emily.